Advanced Pilot Training

Flight Instructor Rating

To be a Flight Instructor is to be a real player in the always-on world of aviation.

It’s one of the best ways you can share your passion for flying and at the same time build your hours towards getting the flying job you want, whether that’s Airline Pilot, Charter Pilot or something else. It’s one of the quickest ways you can get to the magic minimum 500 hours that airline recruiters require. At the same time you’ll be developing the professional, responsible attitude that they want.

The Flight Instructor Rating is one of the most rewarding and effective ways for you, as a Commercial Pilot, to consolidate both your theoretical and practical flight experience.

It opens the door to an exciting, busy lifestyle, giving you a real introduction to commercial flying and a unique opportunity to build your hours.

But it’s not only that. Passing your knowledge and experience on to eager student pilots is very rewarding.

There’s nothing quite like sending your first student on their first solo. Like your own first solo, it’s something you never forget. Or having your student achieve their RPL or especially their PPL. Every time you do that you know it’s a real achievement.

Candidates for the Flight Instructor Rating course must hold an Australian CPL. Your Class 1 Medical must also be current.

The cost of the course includes 40 hours of flying and approximately 150 hours of ground tuition. Landing fees and a CASA flight test are also included. The CASA PMI exam cost is not included.

The course runs full time for 14 weeks. Students will need to devote their time outside course hours for study and briefing preparation.  Students are advised to revise their theory knowledge prior to and throughout the course.

The course includes 40 hours of dual instruction with a Grade 1 instructor.

To express your interest call Jenny on (02) 9791 0055 or use the contact form over on the right.

  • Qualification: QFI Initial
  • Duration: 14 Weeks
  • Aircraft: PA-28 Warrior
  • Dual hours: 40 Hours
  • Prerequisites: CPL
  • Medical:  Class 1
  • Commitment: Full time


Private students have always been welcome and continue to use Pacific Flight Services for their advanced training requirements:

  • Overseas licence conversion
  • Aviation English Language L6 Proficiency Assessment
  • Principles and Methods of Instruction (PMI)
  • Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)
  • Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR)
  • Flight Reviews Single and Multi Engine
  • IREX Theory and Principles
  • GPS 430-1000 Function Training
  • CR12 Authorised Simulator Training
  • Cirrus SR20 2016, and
  • Cirrus Specialised Instructor Pilot (SR20, G1000 Perspective, FMS Avionics and Air Con)

We can also provide referrals for Aircraft Radio Operators Certificate proficiency (AROC) training and testing.

Instrument Flight Rating (Multi-Engine)

This course is for people with either a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) who want a full Instrument Rating.

This course includes IREX, GPS, SIM and multi-engine hours, both day and night. Pacific Flight Services team of qualified instructors are also experienced Pilots have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with Students.

For more information, please download a course information brochure.

All trainee pilots have access to flight simulator training
State of the art flight simulators are used for pilot training

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