Trial Introductory Flights

Are you thinking of learning to fly? Would you like a taste of flying an aeroplane before you really decide to go ahead, so that you know what it’s like and you’re sure it’s what you want to do?

Most people take a 60 minute Trial Instruction Flight as their first step to becoming a pilot. (Most people really enjoy it!)

Your TIF is a real flying lesson and you will learn ‘The effects of controls’.

If you continue with your training your TIF counts as part of your official flying hours and you will enter it in your logbook.

The one-hour lesson includes a briefing with your Flight Instructor followed by your flight to the Training Area where you will take control of the aircraft and experience what it’s like to actually fly an aeroplane.

Normally you will fly out towards Warragamba Dam and on the return you’ll fly over Prospect Reservoir.

If the weather is unsuitable on the day of your flight, your instructor will rearrange your appointment for another day.

You can book a Trial Introductory Flight for any day of the week


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