Charter a Jet

Pacific Flight Services prides itself on providing one of the premier air charter services:

  • Executives & Diplomats
  • Defence & Security Personnel
  • Aeromedical (MEDEVAC) Services
  • Priority Cargo

Why choose Pacific Flight Services?

  • Over 30 years industry experience.
  • Highly trained pilots with a rigorous ongoing pilot training programme to ensure our standards are maintained.
  • Reliable operational systems which have been honed and maintenance tested to meet the strictest International regulatory  requirements.
  • Aircraft maintained by a global leader in aviation maintenance and an exceptional safety record.
  • Stability provided by our parent company, ST Aerospace, a trusted global brand.

To discuss how we can provide the solutions you need, phone (61-2) 9791 0055 or submit a charter enquiry.

MEDEVAC is one of our key operations. We specialise in Domestic and International aeromedical transfer. When a medical emergency prevails, our highly training Pilots, Medical Teams and fully equipped jet aircraft are ready for deployment. We are dedicated to providing the best possible outcome for our patients in a safe and timely manner, specialising out of Singapore.

CHARTER is the only way to travel if you or your business requires fast, flexible and secure travel between destinations. We provide services 24/7, worldwide, and can arrange flights to anywhere in the world at a time that suits you.

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